Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Counterfeit Goods Bust in Virginia

Breaking News!

"CARROLL COUNTY (WSLS 10) – A joint investigative initiative by Virginia State Police and the Hillsville Police Department led to the arrests of several people at the Labor Day Gun Show and Flea Market in Hillsville. 
Blazer Investigations, representing numerous trademarked brand names, was also on site assisting with identification of counterfeit goods. 
State and local investigators seized such items as counterfeit cell phone accessories, jackets and perfumes that would have netted a profit of approximately $500,000. 

Known as Intellectual Property Theft, the selling of counterfeit goods costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars a year and robs the nation of jobs and lost tax revenues, according to the FBI.
Counterfeit perfumes and cosmetics can even pose health risks to users. 
For more information on Intellectual Property Theft, to include the impact such crimes have on communities and tips on how not to fall victim to such crimes, go to the FBI Website here.  
The following men were each charged with the Class 6 felony for being in violation of registration and protection of trademark/service marks (Code of Virginia 59.1-92.13):
Mujahed A. Jaghma, 30, of Oak Lawn, Ill.
Basel R.A. Ghifari, 33, of Bridgeview, Ill.
Elsayed H. Aly, 44, of Henryville, Penn
Elkinde L. Masoud, 34, of Hickory Hills, Ill.
Mohammed Tawafsha, 30, of Chicago Ridge, Ill.
Michael J. Dawes, 53, of Georgetown, Ky.
Chad M. Adams,28, of Lexington, Ky."

Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Fake JLO Women's Fragrances

These are images taken from a fake perfume supplier's website:

Jennifer Lopez fragrances for women:
  • JLO Live EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • JLO Live Luxe EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • JLO Still EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • JLO Glow EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • JLO Glow After Dark EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • JLO Miami Glow

Saturday, May 9, 2015

More Fake Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances - Women

These are images taken from a fake perfume supplier's website:

Yves Saint Laurent fragrances for women:
  • YSL Elle EDP in 50ml and 100ml
  • YSL Cinema EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • Young Sexy Lovely EDT 50ml and 100ml
  • Paris EDT 50ml and 100ml
  • Paris Roses des Verges EDT 50ml and 100ml
  • Paris Roses Enchantees EDT 50ml and 100ml
  • Paris Jardins Romantiques EDT 50ml and 100ml
  • Paris Roses des Bois EDT 50ml and 100ml
  • YSL Baby Doll EDT 50ml and 100ml

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Fake Guerlain Women's Fragrances -

These are images taken from a fake perfume supplier's website:

Guerlain fragrances for women:

  • Champs Elysees EDP 50ml and 100ml
  • L'Instant EDP 50ml and 100ml

Saturday, April 25, 2015

More Fake Women's Perfumes - Dior

These are some of the newest additions of FAKE perfumes found on a popular website. They are being advertised as "original reject perfumes". These "original reject perfumes" were NOT made by Christian Dior. The bottles are counterfeits filled with harmful and questionable ingredients.

To buy ORIGINAL CHRISTIAN DIOR FRAGRANCES - Purchase ONLY from or from authorized department stores and retailers such as Ulta and Sephora.

Here are the perfumes that are being faked.

Cruise Collection Escale a Pondichery Christian Dior for women 75ML.